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The Amana brand — A Name of Quality

Amana established itself as Amana Refrigerator Inc. Back in 1934, deriving name Amana from city it was based in, Amana, Iowa. In 1997 Goodman Manufacturing acquired Amana. Later in 2001 Maytag Corp brought Amana's most of appliance and commercial microwave oven business from Goodman. Since 2006, Whirlpool has purchased Maytag Corp. and the Amana brand and has earned more than $18 billion in annual net sales in recent years.

Products Range

Amana manufactures and markets wide range of central air conditioners and heat pumps with the productions lines of the Premium and Distinctions series. Both series has variety of models efficient up to 13 and 18 SEER systems. Amana has variety of gas furnaces both standard and high efficient. Concord Furnaces feature the company's Million-Air heat exchanger made of stainless steel tubing and designed using an exclusive engineering expertise.Amana points up class and stability in the promotion of all of its products.

Consistency and Functioning

You Can Count On

Consistent and everlasting appliance functioning is Amana’s top primacy, they have attained this objective with dexterity , top quality and top-notch manufacturing progressions, that makes sure the best Amana products will be available for you. Amana has set high quality standards and to achieve that level every products passes through their exhaustive quality assurance inspection.

Furnace Prices and Cost to Replace

You Can Count On

Concord Furnace installation and replacement prices vary, depending upon your choice of model and efficiencies. There are number of aspects that need to be taken into account. In many homes the biggest part of the investment is actually furnace. You must prepare a budget that meets your need because furnaces are high in price as compare to other appliances. Besides purchasing, further cost of installation labor of furnace is an important factor that varies the prices of furnace repair.
We surely can address all of your questions concerning the replacement and installation of your furnace. We surely can help you to find the best brand and suitable model for your home with the warranties you need, proficiently installed by NATE certified installers & technicians and backed by the best guarantees for finer eminence and worth. Call us today for a free estimate.